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A nice little idempotent function -- calling it two, three, n times has exactly the same result as calling it once.

The place you see the other characterization of idempotence all the time is in C++ header files. Include a needed header zero times and you'll get "not defined" errors. Accidentally include it twice and you'll get "redefinition" errors. It's a major pain to make sure that every header file is included exactly once. Therefore, most headers use some trick to make them idempotent under the inclusion operation:


//headers here


or in more modern systems, the #pragma once directive makes headers idempotent under inclusion.

Good stuff… I approve.

Funny stuff. After doing some DBA style work a few months ago, I wrote a little on idempotence myself. I like the technique a great deal.

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Just to be annoyingly picky, "subtraction" is a function that takes two values, so I’m not sure what it means to say that no value is idempotent under subtraction. Unless the function is x -= 1, I suppose

Stuart Langridge wrote: Just to be annoyingly picky, "subtraction" is a function that takes two values, so I’m not sure what it means to say that no value is idempotent under subtraction. Unless the function is x -= 1, I suppose

I am one of those programmers with a mathematical background Eric is talking about, so I can be really picky, if I want to: the function "x -= 1" is idempotent for the value -inf, and probably for some NaNs, too.

I indended to say "subtracting a non-zero value" — I’ve fixed the text.

I’m no a C programmer, but it looks like GetTypeLibCreator is not an idempotent function, because its input and output types are not the same, i.e. you cannot do GetTypeLibCreator(GetTypeLibCreator(x))

More importantly, wouldn’t it be considered non-idempotent because of the AddRef call which changes the reference count on the returned object. Calling this function twice would not result in the same system state as calling it once…

If a function is idempotent, does that mean it’s really a dysfunction?

Oops, missed a couple letters there…

Quote: The operation "subtracting any non-zero value" has no idempotent values

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Real Name Phyla-Vell

Aliases Martyr, formerly Quasar

Identity Publicly known on Titan; the general populace of Earth is unaware of her existence.

Citizenship Titan

Place of Birth Titan (14th Moon of Saturn)

First Appearance Captain Marvel #16 (2003)

Origin Captain Marvel #18 (2004)

Height 5'9"

Weight 103 lbs.

Eyes Blue

Hair White

Phyla remained convinced she should bear the name Captain Marvel, but an argument with Genis on the subject was interrupted by an attacking alternate future version of Marlo Jones , wife of Genis’s friend . Genis investigated the timeline that had resulted in the attack, trusting Phyla to protect the contemporary Marlo, whom she rescued from an abduction attempt by the Magus, ally of the alternate Marlo and Ely-Vell, Genis’s son of that future era. Phyla then brought Marlo to Titan to better protect her, but her departure from Earth left Marlo’s female companion nike air jordan xi 11 retro mens shoes black yellow z8STA2
open to attack by the black and white nike roshe run speckled shoes
. When Genis returned from the future, Phyla was concerned by his obvious distress, unaware he had resolved to kill his own yet-to-be-conceived son to prevent the catastrophe Ely would cause later in life.

Soon afterward, Moondragon lied to Marlo about the feelings between them and ended their romantic relationship, believing Marlo would be happier with Rick. Phyla was drawn to Moondragon by her selflessness, and a mutual romantic interest arose between the two, who departed together to investigate an unidentified portal, possibly proceeding afterward to view a spiral nebula near Renault VII. Recently, Moondragon was abducted by Thanos , and Phyla pursued him into the crisis known as the Annihilation Wave, already the center of conflict for many powerful space travelers. During the catastrophic battle with nike air max 97 gold reflective window
and his insectoid forces, Phlya gained the powerful Quantum Bands from nike free trainer mens white gold
(Quasar) the appointed protector of the universe. Phyla sought the help of Moondragon’s father air jordans and nikes
, to rescue her from Thanos. Drax was eventually successful in rescuing Moondragon and taking the life of Thanos in the process.

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